Instagram For Business- E-Book

Instagram For Business- E-Book

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Whether you’re just starting out in business or are trying to build on your success, this Instagram for business Ebook will help you take your business to where you want it to be. 

I’ve spent years watching Instagram video tutorials, and there’s nothing I hate more than having to keep pausing the video to make notes! And sometimes if you don’t get something, it’s really helpful to see it written down so you can get your head around it in your own time. This 45 page ebook makes everything is crystal clear. It’s packed with loads of advice, hacks, hints and tips, There’s also loads of ideas for Stories, Posts and Reels as a quick reference for any time you’re feeling stuck or uninspired. 

And there’s never any assumption of your level of understanding. So whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to refine your expertise, or a complete novice looking to learn everything from scratch, this ebook will help you become an expert in how to use Instagram for business. This guide comes with lifetime access- once there's a new update I'll add it to the book and you'll get an e-mail update!

The course comes with:

  • Setting your profile up
  • Profile tips
  • Posting
  • Hashtags
  • Engagement tips and tricks
  • Stories
  • Reels- how to create Reels, how to edit
  • Captions
  • Build a brand not a business
  • Case studies


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Rebecca Carpenter Presets have changed my life. Honestly, I’ve never been so happy with my work as I have lately. Granted I’ve had time to really push myself- especially with some recent work, but I just can’t wait to shoot weddings and edit them with original glazed. It’s my go to now and obv I tweak etc but without Rebecca’s generosity, I would never have been able to master it alone!!
Thank you thank you thank you!!! Highly recommend.

Pippa Volans
Pippa Volans

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